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Company Profile

Old World Values and Leading Edge Technology

Here at Champion Window and Door, we believe that integrity begins and ends with keeping our commitments. We have never lost site of the fact that we need to earn your business. Moreover, we believe our attitude adds real value to each project and strengthens each relationship. Through our corporation, we strive to keep a balance between Old World Values and Leading Edge Technology and make these concepts readily available upon today’s market.

Consistent Growth

Founded in 1952 in Brooklyn, NY, Champion Aluminum Corp., as it was known then, has seen substantial growth throughout the years. The company was featured on the cover of Better Business magazine in 1990 celebrating forty years of upward mobility. Since its cover story, Champion has expanded to creating heavy commercial windows as well as doors. Champion Window and Door operates within 80,000 sq. ft. in two separate factories in Syosset, NY. The production area has nearly tripled since its purchase in 1968. All current windows and doors are produced and shipped directly from this facility. Our manufacturing plant has accommodated with its expansions and has continued to produce only the highest grade of premium windows. Champion maintains window distribution throughout most of the eastern region of the United States. We our consistently expanding our staff of devoted sales representatives in order to compensate for our growing geographic market area. Successfully branching out its operation has allowed Champion to compete with larger market companies and become a contender in large commercial window production. In 2000 the award of the 57,000 window job at Rochdale Village in Queens, NY has shown that Champion can handle large size commitments while maintaining its company staple of great quality.

Great Relationships

At Champion, we value great relationships with our customers as the most important component of our corporation. Putting in a consistent effort into meeting the needs of our clients is our highest priority. We know that our success is built on a series of successful relationships. The needs vary in size, location and complexity, but by successfully addressing each of them, large and small; we earn the respect and trust of our clients. In such a highly competitive industry, earning the respect of clients is best taken one project at a time…every time.

Building Windows and Doors at their Best

All of Champion’s products are AAMA certified. These products go through rigorous testing procedures to make sure that quality is consistently at its best. Furthermore, our products maintain some of the highest commercial and heavy commercial ratings available today. Every Champion window is developed to exceed basic requirements to ensure our products are built to last. As a testament to our great quality, Champion windows and doors are backed by a full ten year warranty.

New Age Technology

To succeed in today’s competitive and consistently changing marketplace, a great corporation must be able to recognize and integrate the most progressive new ideas and operation concepts. With direct involvement from the specifying community, we consistently listen to product improvement ideas and design our products to meet and exceed market requirements. Our products can be individually customized by the buyer with various locking mechanisms, balance systems, glazing, and finish options for each application and budget. Here at Champion we have adopted the most modern and efficient Kanban theories in our process of time-based management. Kanban represents an efficient tool to increased efficiency, waste minimization, and correctly monitoring inventory levels. Through this system, certain components are directly supplied from suppliers to the production line and control can be efficiently maintained.

Our Design and Business Development Team

To go along with our new product line, Champion is constantly adding new faces to help contribute and provide viewpoints from the most qualified industry veterans. Our Design and Business Development Team participates at each stage of all our projects and ensure quality from conception to completion. The team submits product data and application ideas when the Architects are designing and developing their concepts. Moreover, they offer value added ideas when engineers are finalizing installation details for the approved project drawings.